Sunday, December 03, 2006

28 days

Tomarrow will be 28 days since that start of this cycle. Normally I wouldnt be counting, but I am hoping this cycle will not end for 9 months. My last cycle was closer to 21 days. And I am looking for the signs of pregnancy in everything I do. If I drop a pin, is it because I'm pregnant? (or just clumsy). If I want to clean something is it because I am pregnant or (just sick and tired of the mess?) If I feel tired, is it because I am pregnant, up too late last night, or because of a cold comming on?

If I don't want to eat much it must be pregnancy sitting in, if I do want to eat then it must be pregnancy...... see what I mean. Is the tenderness in my abdomen gas or an expanding uterus? I explained to my Dear Hubby the other day that early pregnancy always feels like your period is going to start at any minute. ..bloated, tired ornery, and many other little physical things that give us women clues that it is time to stick the pad in our purse. Then the morning sickness kicks in and you are sick as well.

When I look at it this way, I have a hard time immagining how much we are hoping that we are finally on our way to getting our little girl. I have dreamed about here since I was a little girl. I have seen her. We lost her at 16 weeks several pregnancies ago and feel that now is her time to come to us.

Of course there is a consollation prize if you are not pregnant yet- you have a good excuse for more baby making fun. :)


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