Thursday, July 26, 2007

Always a tree hugger

I have always been a tree hugger. I feel that trees literally connect the earth to the heavens. And by hugging the trees I feel as if I can join into that flow.

I live in the forest. I feel most alive, most at peace when I am in the forest. In many ways it is often the only time I have to quietly think and ponder and listen. I feel it is no accident that Joseph Smith kneeled in a grove of trees. Deep in the forest you are least likely to be interrupted, and most likely to hear, listen, ask and pray.

Christmas last year was really hard on me. My children snuck in and opened all their presents about a month early. The ornaments were all stomped and we had to skip Christmas dinner due the autistic issues we were facing that day. Physiologically, I was fried, I desperately needed to get out and find myself a Christmas. At noon I left the house at a dead run. I ran through the yard, I ran through the field and then into the forest. At this point I did not know the paths or the trees or even where I was going.

finally, when all was left far behind. I stopped and cried my frustrations out on a downed tree. I cried unto the Lord and begged for help. I looked up and there, about 15 feet in front of me were 2 pine trees that were shimmering, glowing. The weather had frosted the forest and sun was at just the right angle to make these trees shine. The Lord had provided me a Christmas tree.

All winter I walked in the forest every day. I learned the trees, I learned the trails, I learned the sounds, the footprints, the droppings, the tracks. I learned that I was heard, I learned that I could sing, I learned that I was not only one with nature in the forest, but could be one with the creator.

The forest is my home. The trees are my friends. I call them by name. And I am called by name and talked to while I am there. The forest is my communion place.

It calls to me. I try to answer. Will I get on my boots, my shoes, my coat, or my sunhat and step in through the grass to reach into heaven?