Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Side Kick

Shannon is becoming my little side kick. Most babies are just snuggly at this age- you carry them around and they just happily sleep. Shannon has to see everything. She wants to be involved, and yet I can see her by my side all the time, being my little side kick on all of our adventures.

what is interesting about her is that she is by my side all the time, yet has her own distinct personality. She is not an extension of me. She is very much herself. I think it will be fun to have someone to share my adventures with.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

the next phase

Well, baby is happy. She's just a peach.

And I am getting excited for my next phase of life. I am thinking of calling it "mommy hood without customers."

That's right I am thinking of focusing on the family more.... as soon as I work my butt off to close my business with out debt.

And then I plan to move into an educational phase and appear on the other side as a practicing midwife. I expect this change to take 5-10 years.

But in the immediate future. There are babies and houses and husbands (and their businesses) to care for.