Monday, November 27, 2006

Being a Man

Last week's Family Home Evening Lesson was on "Being a Man." It was from the October conference. I tried to get my boys to understand that shirking thier duties was not being a man, adn sometimes the most manly thing of was giving of yourselves for others. The Savior was held up as the supreme example of manhood. After he was whipped and beaten Pilate showed him to the people and declared "Behold, the Man."

The lesson was specifically for my husband, who spends more then his fair time playing video games. I think he understood. Yesterday at church (our baby was sick and crying) he walked the baby in Sunday school class until he fell asleep, and I thought "Now that is a man." He makes me so proud some times, when he is gentle and working on behalf of others with no thought of his own.

A lot of times when I get pissy or ornery it is unfairly dirrected at my husband. He is a good man, who just needs somebody to believe in him and cheer him on when he does the right thing.

My hubby and I have been through a lot of things together in the last 9 years. We have delt with challanges of parenthood, learning to work together, some habbits from his past, loss, and the struggle of daily life. All I know is that the harder the challange has been the closer we have pulled to eachother. The challange is staying close when everything is going swimmingly. On a daily basis it is remembering to ask for help, (instead of assuming he should see the mess and automatically act on it) it is praying together and talking together.

Of course pulling close to eachother has it's little challanges in and of itself; namely the fact that when we are feeling close to eachother spirutually, we tend not to stay far from eachother physically, adn alas, how many nights in a row can you stay up an extra hour just to make love?

You know, those nights when you both go to bed and then just be being close to eachother you feel the sparks flying between you, adn then pretty soon you are cuddling each other close and know there is no way to get to sleep now without fullfilling your body's expectations. And there are other nights when that is happening, but you are both too exhausted so you end up waking at 4am to finish the job.

That brings me to the concept that I am constantly facinated by our biological imparative to reproduce. Nature is pretty well designed, but at least unlike the cats, reproduction for us humans is fun. (assuming of course you are in a good relationship).

So another related topic......this time on hoping that the little spirit that has been "haunting" me. I hope we can get her attached to a body soon. Yep, that means my hubby and I both feel it is time to bring forth our special baby girl. I am just hoping to find a midwife to work with us on part of it. So if you are midwife in central mn , email me. I hope to need you soon. :)


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