Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well the Lord must have liked what I did when he dropped $40k on my lap and so yesterday he decided to see what would happen if he dropped $50K on me. Am I swimming or sinking?

Money doesnt make me happy. It makes me feel kinda guilty. I have many friends who have lost thier job this month and they all have old junkers for cars, and I am planning to spend half of theis on a new car- a prius and have it all paid in cash. LIfe is weird.

Those who wrote me the check for $50K did it for tax reasons. They thought I should thank the party responsible for it. But mostly I just wanted to scream at them that I dont deserve the money I didnt earn. THe house I sold, was a lot of work, I earned that money. But this $50 K is mostly just a gift.

In some ways I want to scream with graditude in other ways I want to scream in fustration. But that is life and I will see that this money is used to better our world.

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