Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who Needs my help?

Who Needs my help?

Sisters in my ward, on my street. There is a sister, a few years younger then me. I empoyed her this summer, until she stopped comming in for misc reasons. Mostly realted to vagely not feeling well.

Today I stopped and visited her. She is in pain. Physical and emotional. She has lost her house, her car, her husband, boyfriend and job. She has 2 little girls to care for. And she doesnt feel a strong enough tie to ask us for help. I stopped by today and saw in her face, things her words would not tell me.

At first she was worried because I had come to claim some leftover business items. But then when I opened up as her sister. She opened up as mine. I brought her some fruit and saw the graditude in her eyes. I saw how she was struggling to make the effort to move. She may have little hope left. But there is always hope and I will be a candel for her.

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