Thursday, May 30, 2013

Although She is but little, she is Ferious

Truer words were never spoken of my little girls. Do not mess with them unless you are prepared to bring down the powers of heaven upon you.

They kind of make my strong stripling warrior boys seem unfocused and lacking strength and determination. (which of course they have lots of each, just the girls have so much more).

Of course, in the world they are living in, they will need every ounce of their determination, focus and strength to survive the onslot of challenges that are facing their gender.  I don't know if it has every been easy being a girl/woman, but today it is especially not so. It seems that every where we turn our very nature is challenged by the establishment that pushes sex, skinniness and medical interventions.

It is easy to see the pitfalls of sex and skinniness (or obsession with food) there are mountains of research and evidence that make it easy to research and learn about, but when one enters in to the medical end of things the research becomes sparse and the actions and advice come from this or that association's best guess of what the little research that is done on any particular topic actually concludes. And naturally because of the very nature of associations it is their job to limit what research they will even take conclusions from because it is the best interest of their funding sources.

Yes, I am critical. I have learned to question everything, research everything, draw some tentative conclusions, research again and then feel out the proper course of action for myself/my family.

The main problem I have is when the professionals do not understand that the research is as (if not more) valid as the predrawn conclusions that they were sent by some association, when they have not questioned it themselves or studied the issues from several angles. It is also amazing how much of the medical visit is spent with the professional justifying their actions.

It is also very frustrating when they draw a false conclusion from a test, tell you it's bad news, only for you to be able to find a good explanation for it that they say couldn't possibly be, only to be sent to a specialist who draws the same conclusion you did after more testing and lots more time and worry. Seriously? Did we really have to go through all that just to get you to believe the dates were wrong?

If you can not tell, I am having a few issues with my prenatal care provider. So much so, that I may just stay away and listen to my baby girl, just like I listened to my Shannon girl. "Just say NO!" and ignore everybody else's opinions and thoughts about how I should be having a baby. After all, this is my 9th pregnancy, I do have a clue what I am doing, have done it before, know it feels when my body is working well and know how it feels when it doesn't. Spending time arguing about what constitutes evidence based care and why you can't believe me (even through I have done the research and am inside my own body) is just not constructive to my well being.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This means something to me today

Isaiah 8:18
Behold, I and the children The Lord has given me are for signs and wonders in Israel from The Lord of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion.

Ps- happy Mother's Day!

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