Monday, March 30, 2009

The unaccounted for Power

There is eternal power and influence in Motherhood- one unlike any hierarchical authority can wield. We as mothers have the power that is so misunderstood. Every word I say to my child can have long term impacts, every look and sigh and change their perspective on the world. I know this, and so I try very hard to use to the their (my children's) long term advantage.

And I find, that as a mother, I am left at home with the children, while the men folk go make an economic impact, or that I am nursing the baby on the sideline watching the men shovel sandbags, or that I am left in the nursery, when the priesthood assemble.

Many women see or feel this- they then assume the reason for it wrongly. It is not that I am less important or do not have useful or inspiring things to say- in fact it is precisely the opposite. It is because I have the inspiring things to say that I am called to cuddle the baby, or that I am handling children. In my hands is the future of our world. The day to day is left to the men.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

To change the world...

I have really been enjoying my midwifery studies- more in the lines of women's studies seen through the profession of women. And then I saw how it interrelated with where women are today and then just happened to bump into the concept of "Mormon women's history". The concept sounds intriguing, but I have yet to find anything on the topic I didn't already know.

Like I already knew Utah was the first place in America where women had the right to vote and some about Eliza R Snow and her stance as "mormon prophetess".

But what surprises me is how it brings me back again to where we are. Where are we as women? We have been taught (as mormons) that the highest calling (challenge) in life is to nurture and strengthen our children- indeed we are not even allowed to volunteer at the Temples if we have children at home.

And I sit from an interesting view point here- I have closed my business- for the soul purpose of doing a better job on the strengthening and nurturing my children. My children needed more physical and emotional attention then I was able to give them and the business.

But what is interesting is that I am full of personal energy- I can change things, I can move things, I can think and act for myself- I can take over the world- be president of the USA- own a large corporation that can help bring about the perfect society through its actions(or any other goals you may have in mind), but for some reason those 5 little spirits entrusted into my hands place all those care and considerations on the back burner.

And even when I analyze possibilities of making different choices (or the sci-fi favorite of cloning myself to lead several different lives at once) I realize that I would make the same choice over and over and over again.

All my talents, all my love, all my time and energy goes in to growing these little spirits into something that is far bigger then myself. And somehow this self-sacrifice is one of the ultimate aims of full-filled womanhood.

Shaping and molding 5 individuals to take on the world- to change the world.