Sunday, June 21, 2009

Prayers on the wind

There are dark clouds rolling in- but no warnings,some thunder. I would love a good thunderstorm. We almost had one on Thursday. They (noaa) warned us that it could bring quarter size hail- so Mike and I put the cars in the big building. I gave instructions to Galen to stay away from windows if the winds started to blow. So he took Shannon and the younger sibs and prayed with them that they would be safe from the storm. He let us know that we would be safe from the storms because he had prayed for it. So all we got was rain.- The strong stuff completely by passed us. I felt a little let down ( I wanted a good storm) but I wasn't going to go against the prayers of a child.

When children pray- they do it with such faith, that I can not help but to help the petition be fulfilled.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

His work and glory

Sometimes I wonder about him. My tall, but awkward, 10 year son is playing baseball this year. He wanted to sign up for the team, and one of the coaches, who's wife working with him in school one year, actually requested him on his team. He refuses even to try on the baseball pants. He is the only kid out there with khakis under the team jersey. In fact, when they stand straight and in formation to hit the ball, my Galen stands slumped. When they run bases as a group, Galen lags behind by about 2. He refuses to wear baseball or tennis shoes and plays the games in worn out dress shoes. A coach from another town had tagged him as "an easy out." I was furious at the time. Could he not see how special he is? Galen sometimes sits down in right field. He sometimes outright misses a ball aimed straight at him. I am sure beyond any measure of a doubt that he won't make it to college on a baseball scholarship.

But today I came to realize the abilities he does have. He is not here to catch the ball and win the game. He is not here to bat strong and beautiful. He is here to bring about the works of the Lord. Most children get maybe a cheer from their parents when they make a good play. But when Galen gets up to bat, even though he usually swings too early and misses the ball, he is the only child that garners cheers from the parents on both teams. His innocence and happy demeanor rallies them together. He does something to the hearts of those he is near. He is an opportunity to serve and love unconditionally. He is an excuse, that we as human beings, need to be truly human in our outlook and actions.

He brings joy to those who reach out to him. His team has won every game this year (for 1/2 the season so far). I wondered at first if his team mates would think of him as burden, but they have been the sweetest boys to my Galen. The coach and the parents have been very sweet to him too. I think he has made the team something more then sports. I think he makes everything he participates in something more, something better.

It is often exasperating to get Galen to learn new skills. Simple things like tying his shoes or flushing the toilet takes many hours and reminders to teach. Most autistic children do not ever learn to ride a bike, none the less learn to participate in sports with new rules, new schedules and a uniform. But there is a way, when the universe deems the time is right, that these things magically come to pass. When Galen was potty trained it happened in one day, same with riding his bike. Sometimes I wonder what will be the next skill he will magically pick up one night, but tonight I am happy with knowing that other people take joy in cheering on his efforts. He may not come in first, or even third, but when he comes in people will cheer him like he just broke the record.

People amaze me in their capacity to do good. People amaze me in their ability to reach out and befriend, but in our day and age we have been taught to be cautious and careful by portrayals and reports of violence in our media. The way around our caution is the innocent smile of an awkward autistic ten year old.

Sometimes I wonder about him. I wonder if he will go to college, find a wife, become a functioning member of society. I wonder about these things until I see the what he already does for us. He has a function in society. It may not make money, but he allows us to be human.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Behind the veil

Sometimes I dream of what I see when the veil of autism is removed from your eyes.
Behind the veil I see strength and wisdom.
Behind the veil I see a God to be.
Behind the veil I see experience of the life before now,
Something great accomplished….
Something that must be hidden for safety and trial.
Behind the veil I see everything I had ever dreamed of my son to be.
Only more…. Deeper… more eternal
Behind the veil you are hidden.
But you will not stay.
Behind the veil you want to talk to me
To love me, as I love you.
Behind the veil you have made me proud
More then your accomplishments in learning to talk
Or ride bike
Or even tie your shoes.

Behind your veil you serve God
Behind your veil you stay innocent
Behind your veil you reach us in ways no others can.
Behind the veil you are for a purpose in mortality.

Someday the veil will be removed from our eyes to see you as you really are.

I see you shining. You are so bright.

So they wrapped you for life. A gift of simplest joys.

But when the wrapping comes off and your light will be seen…. I will not be blinded by it, for I have seen it, as I peered beyond your veil.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

A new Earth

Ready for a few insights?
I was reading about growing your own wheat and legumes... and then suddenly realized that we have those seeds in our food storage- the classic year's supply gives you the ingredients to plant and harvest the basics of life- even the dry milk- when wrapped in a tissue and placed in a sealed container (with seeds or something) will act as a moisture absorber.

And then I was thinking about how society has built itself on the wrong infrastructure to be sustainable and resilient.... (in economic terms and physical terms) and then connected that to the promised and prophesied destruction to happen just before the second coming- allowing us as a people a "clean slate" to build a new society on- where we won't be encumbered by the old.

If the collapse of our civilization happens quickly- by help of hand of God, then knowledge the technological knowledge will remain available to be used in the new society and infrastructure.

If God does not step in.... then our society would be likely to collapse too far and the technological knowledge would largely be lost.