Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Faith Like a Little Child

I don't know about you, but when I hear things like "become like a little child to come unto Christ." I cringe.

From my experience with children they are stubborn, impatient, unrelenting, quick to anger, demanding, and unforgiving. I have 7 children. They only kind of angels I would describe them as are the angels of the appolcylse.

Now, that is not completely fair. There are times when they are sweet, cuddly and kind to others.

Today I wish to speak about my 14 year old with autism. He is bright and does the school work for his age group, but socially he much more like a 10 or 8 year old. He still plays with toys and will work for time to play video games.

However, like Nephi he is large of stature and at 6 foot 3, 200 pounds, most people would easily take him for a full fledge adult.

Now Galen, my 14 year old has a way for asking for things with complete faith. I realized that today when he brought me his quilt and showed me it's holes and asked that I fix it. I told him I would do it in a while when my hands weren't so full of babies. So he quietly watched and a few hours later brought the quilt back to me.

There was no question in him that I would do it for him. There was no question about whether I had any interest in sewing right now. He just trusted that I would and acted accordingly. So I went and got the needle, thread and patching material and fixed it. I choose a soft fuzzy material that I thought would enhance rather then detract from the quilt.

 I guess that being a parent makes me enough that our Heavenly Father that upon seeing that faith I was moved into acting and full filling it for him.

I have seen that faith in my children often enough, and seen how it compels us adults to fill their requests. I have seen it work with grandmas and grandpas and on me as a parent.

Now we need to remember that and act accordingly.