Saturday, February 24, 2007

There are lots of poor among us

This article is interesting.

It talks about how more people are in deep poverty in the US while cooperate profits are rising.

Quite interesting. On my scale of good vs bad in societies the Ideal society would have no poor, because we would be taking care of them, educating them, getting them jobs and helping when life circumstances prevents them from being self sufficient.

I have a little business and it is working hard to bring about a "Zion Economy." In my own little definition that mean a economy where people are loved and no body is taken advantage of. A business that trains, and pays livable wages and one that values family more then profits. Of course my little business has never seen a profit yet- but I think that will change.

Profit from a business is just money to reinvest in programs to make life better- wether it is growing the biz, it's employees, the local economy and community. To be rich for the sake of money is not my goal. I already have everything I need in money, but to be able to do good with it.

It would be really fun to help the local school system set up a healthy organic lunch program. And while we are at it- our little mascot should grace the cafeteria too. The Eco Sprout Foundation, real food for real schools.