Thursday, December 07, 2006

overrating money

We sold our house last week, adn walked away with a check for $48K. I paid bills today. I owed $10k to my Mother, which I borrowed with the move to help fix up the house for sale. So that left $38k. I paid off our student loans of $34k and had $4K left over.

THen I paid tithing. I wrote the inital check for $700 (this included a regular pay check too), figuring that the student loans didnt count. But then I realised that when we borrowed the student loans we didnt pay tithing, and so this money should be titheable before I paid off the loans. So I rewote the check for the $4k, which means I can be proud to be a full tithes payer.

I know the Lord will bless me in this. I was planning to put some money back in my savings account, now that will not get done. But we have never gone hungry, and somehow our children have all survived every potential disastor, adn that alone is worth far more then a few thousand in the bank.

I have always had a testimony of tithing, and I thought that was unshakable, but I have never had this much money, no wonder some rich people get greedy. It is easy to immagine what you can do with large sums, but no one ever thinks about the $5 they spend on junk food at the gas station. Overall, all small sums add up to big sums, and big sums are just tools to do good. Any other excuse for money is overrated.


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