Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dreamy babies

I dreamed about my baby again. Both times it was the same baby, with thick dark hair. This time I was calling Mom after the baby was born to tell her and I forgot I was calling her and begun to clean the floor, until she started to say hello. Then I forgot about the baby until she started to cry for me. She was left in the other room.

It is very interesting to see such intense focuses in dreams. Usually dreams seem so unfocused.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Life is fleeting

"Life is fleeting. All that separates us from death is a single heartbeat or breath."
Said one of the General Authorities at yesterday's afternoon conference.

And it is. Our poor bunny was kid handled to death yesterday. Somehow she ended up in Clay's hands, after being handled by Galen and Ian some too. This weekend she barely had a chance to be in cage, she was handled so much, which it tough on something as fragile as a small rabbit. I rescued her and put her on my desk, where she had to prodded to go behind the computer (one of the safer retreats). But alass the effort was too little and she died in her cage sometime yesterday evening.

I was saddened, but deeply grateful that it wasn't Ian's life whom slipped away quietly as he slept. Ian tried to stand on a basketball yesterday and the smack of his head hitting the floor was quite loud. He has a goose egg about the size of a XL hen's egg on the back of his head. We could have just as easily have lost our Ian in that instant or in the hours following.

Clay, of course, has no comprehension, of the loss of our bunny. And it is Galen and Ian we must impress it upon, so they understand the fragile nature of life, and the value in it.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Church Cleaning

our church has a policy that every week a family is assigned to clean it on Friday or Saturday to prepare the meeting house for Sunday.This policy was enacted so that the members would take more responsibility and pride in their buildings. Most of the time the family is only assigned once every year or two.

This week it was our turn. And we found a nice babysitter for each of the children (thank you sitters!) and that allowed us the time and focus we needed to enjoy working in th Lord's house. The quiet spirit that rest there is always a welcome change to the hectic pace and noise of normal life.
And it is not like the work is hard. They have a nice list of what we are supposed to accomplish- most of it is spit and polish for Sunday. We wipe the sinks and mirrors in the bathrooms, pick up anything we see on floors, shine the front windows, take out the trash, sweep the gym. We don't actually scrub anything, and mostly can just enjoy the quiet while we walk around with a dust rag and a broom.

Overall, especially with this being Conference weekend (where there is no break from the children). I think it was just what I needed.