Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dramatic events and attempts to tame sea monsters

My mother said something interesting the other day. She said that the "dramatic event" of the night before really helped put it in perspective for her of what we go through. I said "What dramatic event? I don't remember anything special."

She was talking about something I just chalked up as normal issues around here. Ian had been on the potty with his enema, he had got off and said he was all pooped out. Then he went upstairs to play and a little while later his poopy smell came wafting down the stairs- pretty strongly. So I went to investigate and Ian was not all pooped out when he left the toilet. He ended up pooping out all over his bedroom, hallway and the upstairs bathroom (the areas just scrubbed clean earlier that day).

He was hiding beneath his covers and so I pulled the covers off of him and told him he was in charge of cleaning it all up. I brought him a roll of paper towel (we only use disposable towels when the job is really bad) the spray cleaner and a plastic bag to put the garbage in.

Surprisingly Ian actually did his best to clean it all up- (and after he was asleep I finished the job well it was still easy to clean, rather then waiting for the poop to dry into a stone hard finish).

It was after this that Mom jumped on IM and asked how my day was going. I told her "Stinky" and then had to relate why.

The interesting thing about the whole incident is that it was just another day around here. We are always dealing with poop, pee and some sort of need for a band-aid. That being said, we are working on getting some PCAs to help with our special children. Most of the time their just feels like there is not enough hands on deck to handle the ship and the sea monsters too.

The sea monsters- by the way- are the kind that throw snot balls that stick to the walls and ceilings and reach their long tentacles in delight of tripping the unsuspecting and then use their suckers and cling to you as you are attempting to do a delicate operation- like using a sharp needle to mend the holes in a blanket, pair of pants or favorite toy.