Tuesday, November 07, 2006

another hormonal rant

Every get so fusterated that you want to throw everything that is on the floor in your house away. Just so you can walk again?

Ever get so fusterated at your husband because you have worked 13 hours today, did homework with the kids, burnt dinner and then tucked them in all while he was playing a computer game, and yet he sits there thinking how put upon he was because he had to get the kids up and on the school bus this morning? (even though you had all thier clothes laid out, thier lunches packed adn homework already put away, and breakfast jsut waiting on the counter top)

The problem with today's women is that we are too empowered. We dont know how not to do everything, and our men dont even realise we need help until we have finally had it enough with them to ask. And then they still dont get what you are asking because they can hear 1 thing and do it. Dont even imagine trying to tell them more then 1 thing.

And that is why I can now understand how King Lamoni was so thrilled with Ammon when he said "and you remembered everything I said and did them." While the rest of his servents got focused on the robbers that scattered the sheep and couldn't even remember to gather the sheep again, non the less get the horses and chariot ready to take the king to the feast. But somehow Ammon remembered it, and did it, and it impressed the king.

I guess it would impress me too, if a guy did it, but yet a mother is expected to.


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