Sunday, November 05, 2006

Addendum to the last post..Tender Mercies

Again, all quiet contemplation leads to the overwhelming feeling of graditude.

Tender Mercies of the weekend:

1. getting lost in downtown Saint Paul- but still finding our way to the science museum faster then my parents.

2. my husband applogizing for yelling at me when he didnt see the turn I indicated while getting lost in downtown ST Paul.

3. Organic juices available at the Gas Station.

4. 10 minutes in the restuarant after my husband and kids left...I was to pay the bill...but also ordered and truely enjoyed eating the cheesecake with no one I had to yell at.

5. Attending the Temple on Saturday- seeing old friends

6. Got my kid's birthday gifts (all the birthdays in my family fall between mid oct and Jan 1st) all at the same store- talking to old friends at the store.

7. The ease of hauling our oicnic table with extra hands of the missionaries (our picnic table is 300 pounds, made from recycled plastic).

8. Garison Keiller and Prarie Home Companion on the drive home- with all the kids asleep.

9. Catching up with the moving van my husband was driving and just following him all the way home.

10. 10 hours of uninterupted sleep last night. (first time in how long?)

11. State President talking in Relief Society.

12. The amazing- and truely blessed orajel.


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