Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Either I'm pregnant or I'll eat my hat. Come to think of it I'm so hungry I might just eat my hat."

Yeah, I said that to myself today. But I was at least right- and my hat can safely return to my head. After all it would be ashamed to eat such a beautiful and fuzzy hat as that. So instead I had a subway at 3:30.

That was after eating 2 large while grain organic cookies.

And on Monday when Shan was being put to sleep by the anastegeologist, he told me that he was giving her an anti nausea mess too. So I almost asked if I could have some too.

I've suspected since the 18th.... But didn't get a positive test until today.

That tells me this baby is probably a girl ( girls make me sick) and also probably due a week later then a doctor would tell me. Aug 4th is the date I'm looking at as a real estimate. At least it's not Sept 12th or after another 6 weeks of summer.

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