Sunday, December 09, 2012

Simply Elegant

I found a basic every day chemical equation that is the basis for life here on planet Earth. It is simple, it is profound, it is elegant.

It is so elegant I conciser it to be a signature of divine craftmanship.

H2O + CO2 = (with the help of sunlight and enzymes) O2 + CH2O

What does that mean?

It means that water and carbon dioxide in a plant turns into oxygen and carbohydrates.

Water is an amazing molecule in and of it's self and the fact that it is used in conjunction with  Carbon Dioxide (our waste products from breathing) to create oxygen- that we need to breathe with carbohydrates, the basis of all food stuffs and fibers for clothing and building, (you can argue that protein is the basis for all animal fibers and food, but chances are those animals ate plants to grow it) is nothing short of beautiful.


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