Friday, March 22, 2013


It's a girl, a very special girl, in fact we are headed down to a level 2 ultrasound and a meeting with a geneticist some time soon. There were 2 problems detected on the regular ultrasound that we need a better look at and a specialized opinions about. One of them is a small head, the other is an umbilical cord that is giving unusual ultrasound echoes. At this point neither of those means anything definite. Except that it deserves a closer look.

I cried and researched for a day or so, concerned about it- imagining possible senerios, not knowing what the real issues will end up being.

But, no matter what, I know she is beautiful and had the same profile as her siblings. And I know The Lord has a plan for her.

Coming to peace, accepting the unknown for my baby is hard, but well worth the investment now, because it will be all right and we will find a way to handle whatever is given to us.

Meanwhile, I can continue to live and smile.

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