Sunday, June 21, 2009

Prayers on the wind

There are dark clouds rolling in- but no warnings,some thunder. I would love a good thunderstorm. We almost had one on Thursday. They (noaa) warned us that it could bring quarter size hail- so Mike and I put the cars in the big building. I gave instructions to Galen to stay away from windows if the winds started to blow. So he took Shannon and the younger sibs and prayed with them that they would be safe from the storm. He let us know that we would be safe from the storms because he had prayed for it. So all we got was rain.- The strong stuff completely by passed us. I felt a little let down ( I wanted a good storm) but I wasn't going to go against the prayers of a child.

When children pray- they do it with such faith, that I can not help but to help the petition be fulfilled.


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