Thursday, June 04, 2009

A new Earth

Ready for a few insights?
I was reading about growing your own wheat and legumes... and then suddenly realized that we have those seeds in our food storage- the classic year's supply gives you the ingredients to plant and harvest the basics of life- even the dry milk- when wrapped in a tissue and placed in a sealed container (with seeds or something) will act as a moisture absorber.

And then I was thinking about how society has built itself on the wrong infrastructure to be sustainable and resilient.... (in economic terms and physical terms) and then connected that to the promised and prophesied destruction to happen just before the second coming- allowing us as a people a "clean slate" to build a new society on- where we won't be encumbered by the old.

If the collapse of our civilization happens quickly- by help of hand of God, then knowledge the technological knowledge will remain available to be used in the new society and infrastructure.

If God does not step in.... then our society would be likely to collapse too far and the technological knowledge would largely be lost.

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