Sunday, June 07, 2009

Behind the veil

Sometimes I dream of what I see when the veil of autism is removed from your eyes.
Behind the veil I see strength and wisdom.
Behind the veil I see a God to be.
Behind the veil I see experience of the life before now,
Something great accomplished….
Something that must be hidden for safety and trial.
Behind the veil I see everything I had ever dreamed of my son to be.
Only more…. Deeper… more eternal
Behind the veil you are hidden.
But you will not stay.
Behind the veil you want to talk to me
To love me, as I love you.
Behind the veil you have made me proud
More then your accomplishments in learning to talk
Or ride bike
Or even tie your shoes.

Behind your veil you serve God
Behind your veil you stay innocent
Behind your veil you reach us in ways no others can.
Behind the veil you are for a purpose in mortality.

Someday the veil will be removed from our eyes to see you as you really are.

I see you shining. You are so bright.

So they wrapped you for life. A gift of simplest joys.

But when the wrapping comes off and your light will be seen…. I will not be blinded by it, for I have seen it, as I peered beyond your veil.


At 6/8/09, 12:58 AM, Blogger Abundant writer said...

awesome... and lovely.. and should be published for others...


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