Wednesday, January 02, 2008

bits and pieces

Happy New Year.

I think my baby doesn't want me to do anything. I felt fine all holiday- when I wasn't doing too much, but today- when I planned to get back to work and everything else, I was sick, nauseous and tired again.

I am not sure if the blame rests squarely on baby or if the leftover chocolate frosting mixed with walnuts is to blame.

What I find is interesting is that I have trained my body enough that when I go after those chocolate (calorie fixes) then I end up eating the nuts out and leaving the chocolate and then finishing the whole snack off with a good handful of fresh veggies. However the veggies never mitigate the fact that the chocolate frosting sans cake is a good mix with a pregnant digestive system.

Oh well. I did manage to exercise for a bit yesterday- didn't manage it today- will have to do it in the (tomorrow) morning. Along with shipping, and all sorts of stuff. Clay of course. Loves it when I try to exerciser. He comes up and crawls under me and tries to sit on me. He also does that during prayer- if he catches me. Then personal prayer turns into prayer with a Clay squished between my lap and the bed.

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that just by being pregnant you are doing more then most people all day.- or at least your body is. I had a dream this morning that baby introduced her/himself to me. Came up to my hand while it was on my belly and showed me her head and back bone. I think it will be another cuddly kid. I seem to make cuddly kids.

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