Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mothers who Know

Today I taught the Relief Society Lesson. It was on the Sunday morning conference talk "Mothers Who Know."

Like always, there is never enough time to cover all that you would like to say about it and have all the discussions you would like to have on the topics in the lessons.

Basically- what it boiled down to is that Mothers Who Know, Know that they are a Child of God, that Jesus is their Savior and from that knowledge they get their strength to run their house and teach their children, and choose the best ways with eternal perspective accordingly.

Grandmother who know - aunties who know, the nice lady behind you in church who knows...all call upon the strength of the Lord to help raise the next generation in righteousness.

No matter how alone you may seem, parenting is not a one person job. We need the help of our friends, neighbors, and even people on the street, to keep going when we are down, to help us remember that the job we are doing is more valuable then any other job in the world, and to be honored accordingly. We also need you to be good examples, to help lift the kids when and where we fail, to follow the promptings of the spirit and provide the words of inspiration and encouragement that is needed at the moment- especially when they don't want to listen to mom anymore.

Mothers who know are not afraid and face the future in faith. Of course, that is probably why we keep having children. :)

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