Friday, November 09, 2007

My Grandmother once remarked something about if you ask why? on something that you were likely to find out.

Well, I have come to an understanding of certain things in these last several months that I never before could fathom how anybody could do that.

I used to be completely at a loss to understand the news stories where mothers could kill their (usually all of them at one time) children. It leads from depression, despair and hopelessness. I have seen those roads opened in my life and have throughly refused to go down them.

The experience has created great empathy within me. And I have often sat pondering how does a society protect mothers from this? Our society is not set up to honor motherhood anymore. In many ways the media ridicules us on every side. And then we feed upon it's influences allowing shows like Martha Steward and houses seen in Country Living to make us think that our little hole in the weather, with children's scribbles on the wall, dirty diapers stinking up the garbage, and mismatched dishes, is not worth maintaining or investing in.

Yet if we hearken to the one or two voices out there proclaiming the value of what we do in our little, humble, well used, homes then we at least know that what is required of us as parents (in the Lord's eyes) is that we nurture and care for and teach our children.

He doesn't require of us to be rich, hold a prestigious job, own a boat or RV, keep a well decorated house. Those things are distractions from our real work, and our real hope and glory.
When we keep our minds focused on the things of eternal importance, despair and hopelessness flee. Indeed, they cannot stand against the hope of eternal life and the joy in building His kingdom on earth.


At 11/10/07, 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart has a staff. She couldnt possibly do all the things that she looks like she is doing. Someone is there to help her look wonderful. Plus a house keeper and money.
In Mormon circles we often speak of trying to be Molly Mormon. We just have to realize those who we see doing one thing wonderfully isnt able to do some thing else. We cant look at the whole ward and try to keep up. It only leads to depression. Just be the best mom you can be and teach your children correct principles.
Neither Martha or Country Living would allow their homes to be photographed without having gone over them with a fine tooth comb. They dont look lived in either.
Dont think you have to do it all.
This world would be boring if we all thought that we had to have our houses look just so so.
Have you seen "Stepford Wives" we dont want a world like that. Have a home that makes you and your family happy. Thats what counts.

At 11/13/07, 11:16 AM, Anonymous littlesis said...

As Madame Blueberry learned, a thankful heart is a happy heart. A person can spend their life wishing they had what everyone else has, or they can be thankful for the house they have that has scribblings on the walls, a trash can full of trash and smelly diapers.

While one person may see how messy a house may be, another person sees how lucky they are to have a house with nice walls (albeit drawn on) to keep the wind from coming in, a trash cann may be full and smelly, but it means your children are able to eat and that you are able to afford many comforts. It may be annoying that a child has taken it upon themsselves to pull every dvd/vhs off the shelf, but hey! You can afford at home entertainment, who cares if it's messing your house up. :)

it's all about perspective. When it comes to stuff that gets you down, sometimes you have to turn it around to see the positive side.... and sometimes it takes some turning.


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