Thursday, April 04, 2013

Praise be to God Almighty! who works according to our faith, and patience in his plan.
After coming to terms with what ever will be.... and hoping, praying and acting for the best.

Hoping and praying are obvious, but I also acted. While researching about microcephaly, I discovered that baby head growth depends (usually) on baby brain growth, and that the DHA is a vital element to baby brain growth. I had often assumed it had to do with fats, but mostly had assumed it was cholesterol to help build baby brain's, but being mostly vegan this pregnancy that was hard to get, luckily DHA is not. I ordered a supplement of DHA (and a vegan prenatal vitamin, Dr, Furhman's), and started eating large amounts of ground flax seed and walnuts, figuring that if I flood my blood with the nutrients that are needed to build baby brains, then at least I had done what I could do to help her, even if her umbilical cord was compromised.

So, Tuesday was the big unveiling, the level 2 ultrasound, that we drove 2 hours for. It really impressed me how awesome and open the ultrasound tech was that she always told everything she saw when she saw it. The baby looked great, head was now only 1/2 week behind the body (normal enough not to worry)(and everything was clearly visible, unlike the last ultrasound). The issue with the cord was not at an insertion into the baby and had no impact on the blood flow (it was great).  But the cord had a ball of watson's jelly (the stuff the lines the cord) hanging off it near the middle of the cord. This is not an issue, just kinda funny- like she is playing tether ball.

Baby also enjoyed kicking the ultrasound probe and sending the pictures awry on several occasions. After a 40 minute wait, the Doctor showed up and says it all looks great to her, but we will do another size check in 5-6 weeks to make sure everything is growing appropriately. She also said that according to the size of the baby, specifically the cerebellum (which is a very consistent measure of age in fetus's) and the dates I gave her on pregnancy tests and stuff that we were probably 2 weeks behind the given due date, so now we are running more like mid August., which is what I guessed from the last ultrasound. I am glad somebody actually agreed with me, and didn't argue that it didn't matter. (It definitely matters to the mother).

So anyways, we are much happier with this ultrasound and seeing for ourselves how well she seems to be doing and growing, and if my appetite is any indication, then she is growing very well.


At 4/6/13, 2:44 PM, Blogger Tohru Honda said...

That's awesome! I hope your baby's birth goes well, and he/she grows up into a fine individual. There's nothing I want more for you right now than to have the opportunity to watch that God sent child live life in this world and grow old. ^_^


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