Monday, October 30, 2006

Sometimes I just have a testimony bursting to get out and no one to share it with. But on the internet, I know the right person will find the right posting at the right times. This will be private blog, full of personal feelings and thoughts. These will be what is going on underneith my calm exterier.

I am a mormon women. That mean I am a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know the church is true with every fiber of my being. I know I am a child of a Heavenly Father who loves me completely, in much the same way that I love my own children- only more perfectly.

I grew up with a mother who had joined the church when I was 2 and a father who was raised catholic, but refuses to join any organized religion. However- that does not make him any less spiritual then those who go to church every week. In fact it could sometimes make him more because he thinks and acts and strives to become.

My mother has always been a good example to me of what a church member is. She tries hard, prays hard and is slowing working her way to becoming a better person. She is not perfect and would laugh heartily if anyone suggested it.

Myself, I have always known the church was true. When I was 8, I knew I had a loving Heavenly Father and wanted to join his church through baptism. I also understood that to obey his commandments was a key to happiness in this life (and in the life to come).

As a teenager I very seriously sought after preparing myself for being an eternal companion and mother. I waited until I had acess to good mormon men before I started dating so I couldnt fall in love with someone that I wouldn't be able to marry in the Temple.

However during dating I found out that not all mormon men were good, but with allowing myself to be guided by the spirit, I was able to excape any major harm. After that trial of my faith I was introduced to the one man whom I knew I was supposed to marry.

We have had 4 boys, and 1/2 a girl. And a baby business that is now running us (it feels sometimes).

I will be blogging often, for I have lots to say- lots to share.


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