Wednesday, May 07, 2014

on Current Events (and the death of Michael C Ruppert)

Since 2006,  
I have been a fan of Michael C Ruppert’s work.
I appreciate those who can see through the BS of corporate media and have the guts to tell the truth, especially when it could put them at personal risk.

I had the realization that our society/ economy was unsustainable (even in the organic field), and that it would collapse upon itself, I looked for like minded and became riveted by the daily headline collections from all over the world detailing the struggles of climate change, corrupt governments and economic challenges. And then when some scientists last year finally called it “near term human extinction (By 2030)” I felt the blow to our collective psyche. I knew some people would take it personally, and feel the weight of man’s inhumanity to man, and to earth, heavier than ever as the end draweth nigh.

As tempted as I was to feel that way, I couldn't. I understood that all the pollution and secret combinations and desires to put personal gain above all else was nothing more the fulfilling of revelation, much of being the negative side of the coin of the great technology we have been given as we rush towards the end of the world.

As scientists were publishing the paper near term human extinction, other people who could see through the BS of the modern world, began proclaiming that we need to be “Hastening the work.” What work? the work of proclaiming the gospel, the work of salvation, the work to prepare the world for the Savior’s second coming.

Gee, that changes the perspective of it. Now all of the book of Revelations and other scriptures relating to the last days sounds like our news headlines (only in Middle/Early Modern  English).  All of a sudden instead of heralds of destruction and Human Extinction, these events becomes heralds of the Lord’s coming and the approaching Millennial era of peace. And we also see that everything is playing out according to the great design that God laid out for us before the foundations of the earth.

Yeah, it’s painful, it may hurt. There is nothing but our own prayers (and our own preparations) to keep us safe. But it is meant to be a challenging and amazing time. We have work to do. Aren’t you glad that you can see it all too?


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