Friday, March 09, 2012

Tantalizing Dreams

All my life I have had dreams of the future- short segments that played out exactly as dreamed.

The first time I noticed them I was in 9th grade. It felt like normal DeJa Vu- but I remembered they were dreams- just snippets of everyday life. At first they freaked me out a little. The teacher that I confided these into just said that it was what I did everyday, so naturally I would dream it happening, but I knew he was wrong and that wasn't what was happening. They were very specific things happening at very specific times.

Soon I had to see if I could change what happened in the dream- and I could. I had the power to make changes when they played out in real life. And then they occurred off and on for years, often just giving me a bare hint at what was going to transpire in the near future.

In March of 2008 I dreamed that the world would suffer a financial collapse in 6 months, but strangely very little of daily life would change. I didn't even remember that when September rolled around, until in October I was reviewing my blog posting and found that written there.

Most of the time the circumstances of the dream make no sense until I have lived them. Some of them puzzle my mind waiting until the time they play out and others are largely forgotten about until it plays out and I remembered I dreamed it and then wondered about it.

One of these was when I pregnant with my 4th baby. I dreamed that I was in a hospital and they were doing to take the baby out of me surgically, but the baby was not ready- months early. In my dream I was screaming at them that they couldn't do this to me, but they were very patient and calm with me. That dream scared me. I was so adamant that no one was going to take my baby early. Then I lost the baby at 20 weeks and had to have a D&E. And it all played out the same, except I wasn't screaming at them and understood what was going on.

And few years ago, I had a snippet of a dream I know is going to take place in the future. I was riding my bike (as a primary form of transportation) and during daylight hours (or it could have been a really bright night hours) there were incredible Northern lights over the whole sky- and the northern lights were an on- going thing, and there were orbs in the sky- like planets looming close to the earth- but not scarcely so. The sky was so amazingly vivid and bright I tried for years to get a good picture of it out of my head, but my artist skills are decidedly lacking. And I paused on my bicycle for second- and that is all of my dream that I remember.

It is tantalizing to ponder when and how that dream will fulfill its self.


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