Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Vital role of women

I know that each of us has a vital and essential role as a daughter of God. He has bestowed upon His daughters divine attributes for the purpose of forwarding His work. God has entrusted women with the sacred work of bearing and rearing children. No other work is more important. It is a holy calling. The noblest office for a woman is the sacred work of building eternal families, ideally in partnership with her husband.

—Sister Silvia H. Allred


At 10/17/10, 4:18 PM, Blogger Round Belly said...

This is true. Even when it turns out to be another boy.

At 7/3/11, 7:06 PM, Anonymous millie said...

I am glad that you enjoy your calling. God Didn't call me to have children. My husband and I are unable to conceive and were unable to adopt. I am still called and treasured as a daughter of Heavenly Father.


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