Friday, June 11, 2010

Where are the men?

I read a lot about the economic challenges ahead and how people will riot when they are forced to cut back on their standard of living... but I think as long as we have several varieties on multiple player online games like the World of Warcraft,,, and the electricity to play them with that we simply will be too busy to notice. And all of anger will be worked out slaying some computer graphics.
We will not riot. We will not fight, we will not even notice the walls crumbling around us. Give us our alternative universe and we will do only what we must in this one to spend time in that one.

There is often a scripture referred to in Isaiah where it talks about 7 women will get a hold of 1 man. Sometimes I wonder if it is not because the men are not there physically, but because they are not there emotionally, intellectually or even spiritually.

We are now on our second generation of young men being sucked into computer/video games. Most of these men spend every spare minute in dark rooms fighting and working in a world that doesn't even exist, and unless you are online in their game, you might as well not exist.

Will it drop the birthrate to have a whole generation of video game addicts? Or is sex as important enough to them as the money they need to play their games?

I am serious... how many men do you know under 40 in the community?
Do they date enough to woo a wife? and if so how long can their wives handle the daily disappearances into the video game abyss?

Are our boys growing up thinking that this is what men do? Will they catch wives? and keep them?

It might be time to reclaim our men. Turn off the computers and hand them saws and axes and hammers - then after they work long, hard and sweaty- they can pull out their screw drivers and realize that the real life isn't all that bad.

And then is the men lost to video games any worse for us then the men lost to social status games (keeping up with Jones)? or to games of acquisition of wealth and money?


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