Saturday, August 01, 2009

Disscussion on birth

Birth is a mountain of personal achievement. It is a mountain that once you get to the top you realize you just climbed the first foot hill to the real mountain of parenthood.

Does it matter how you climb that foot hill? It can have an impact on the health of your body, your child (autism has been possible linked to some western medical birthing procedures)... not as much as the fact that you wanted to and that you landed there to continue the climb up that real mountain.

My first birth profoundly affected every fiber of my body- lots of it through hormones designed to help us achieve birth and then nurture the baby so our genetic material passes on.

Many of these same hormones attend to us while we nurse and raise the child. And these same hormones also allows us to create a long term relationship with spouse and friends.

We feel these hormones surge within us when we spy our child doing something cute, or when they snuggle close to our breast. We feel these hormones at work when our husband brings us a gift or does the dishes. These hormones keep us chemically addicted to the baby or to our spouse.

You can build this hormone connection up with others by serving them, caring for them, and by finding gratitude in what they do for you. That means that we can build this bond with just about anybody we choose. We can build it with our spouse and make our marriage stronger, we can build it with our kids (although that comes so naturally to most mothers)we can build with our co-workers, our neighbors or kids we are adopting. And pretty soon we'll find out that service = love.


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