Monday, March 30, 2009

The unaccounted for Power

There is eternal power and influence in Motherhood- one unlike any hierarchical authority can wield. We as mothers have the power that is so misunderstood. Every word I say to my child can have long term impacts, every look and sigh and change their perspective on the world. I know this, and so I try very hard to use to the their (my children's) long term advantage.

And I find, that as a mother, I am left at home with the children, while the men folk go make an economic impact, or that I am nursing the baby on the sideline watching the men shovel sandbags, or that I am left in the nursery, when the priesthood assemble.

Many women see or feel this- they then assume the reason for it wrongly. It is not that I am less important or do not have useful or inspiring things to say- in fact it is precisely the opposite. It is because I have the inspiring things to say that I am called to cuddle the baby, or that I am handling children. In my hands is the future of our world. The day to day is left to the men.


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