Wednesday, December 03, 2008


What is it about gay rights?
Gays have every rights the rest of us have. Anything I can do, they are legally allowed to do. I do not get the argument. Nobody is kicking them to the back of the bus, or refusing them service at a restaurant.

it seems to me that instead of fighting for civil rights, they are asking for exemptions from the laws that uphold morally acceptable behaviors. It seems sort of like "we are not happy marrying a person of the opposite gender, we want to marry someone of the same gender" is very much like a group of people saying "we are not happy with paying taxes (because something in my brain or chemistry is different then in other people), so we feel it is a matter of civil rights weather or not to pay our taxes."

My sister is saying that what they really want is an easy way to get the legal connectiveness that comes with marriage, things like automatic power of attorney and right to inheritance. I agree there should be a way to file for a legal union (or union of legalities). However, the way should not just have to apply to gays, it should apply to all cases where sharing or passing of ones legal power would be nice to have. Like if a daughter was caring for her elderly parents, they should be able to file for a legal union, and this in no legal way impacts her marriage to her own spouse.

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