Friday, October 31, 2008

working thoughts

I have had an interesting desire lately to move away from the computer and do real things- things with my hands and heart. Things that are part of the God- made world- the real world- and not the virtual one.

Having an online business has seriously kept me trapped in this virtual world way to long. And the world is so beautiful and so alive if we can get out in it. I want to do work, daily chores that require my hands and heart and physical movement.

Nothing is as life affirming as doing your daily chores- knowing that you are really making a difference- even if it is as small as cleaning a toilet seat or churning butter.

I want to have an excuse to be outside. I need things out there that need me attention- an excuse to go outside and work that can not be excused. I want to drink in the beautiful day and bask in the physical sensations of it all.

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