Sunday, October 07, 2007


When I listen to conference I take notes (and do some doodling) but in my notes are certain items I star, these are items that are then put upon my "to do" list. This conference my list seems quite long.

I am to do the following:
1. Seek for personal revelations.
2. Buy 12 Book of Mormons and give out during the next year.
3. Give one to a business friend for Christmas
4. Give one to a friend from work.
5. Get CS Lewis's the Screw Tape Letters and read it.
6. Teach my boys to honor and reverence Sacrament meeting.
7. Be a Mother who Knows.
8. Express love to spouse, children, parents and siblings daily.
9. Write a few lines daily in journal to answer this question "Have I seen the hand of the Lord in my or my children's lives today?"
10. Search the scriptures with pen in hand.
11. Get another copy of "Preach my Gospel" and study it and use it for FHE.

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